Can I donate in my country’s currency?

Yes. Just click on the currency drop-down button on the Donate link listed.


Why isn’t Child Sponsorship automatically listed as a regular donation?

Because we have different types of sponsorships available, we want to connect our sponsors with the right child. Please fill in the response form so we can help you meet your child ASAP.


Does my donation go directly to African Hearts projects?

Donating through this link, ensures that your donation goes to our projects directly.


Can I do my own fundraising campaign for African Hearts?

Yes please!!! You can create your own page on our Fundraisely platform here. Log in and create a fundraising page and you’re away. It’s as easy as that.


What if I want to support African Hearts through my favourite charity?

For any other donations through our Partners, please refer to Our Partners page to find their details.