One thing that sets African Hearts Sponsorship apart from other Child Sponsorship Programs, is the way we look at the individual to see what strengths and giftings they have and encourage them in these. The African Hearts Junior School is co-ed and operates on a 3-term school year. The terms are all 3 months long and commence at the beginning of February through to the beginning of December. We offer many varied sponsorships and we believe that sponsorship is more than just educating a child. It builds self-assurance, personal aspirations, self-esteem and leadership qualities. There is also much documented evidence to show that correspondence with sponsors elevates the students' academic results even further. We welcome correspondence with your sponsor child. 

Through our school, there are Day students and Boarding students in all grades. African Hearts Junior School offers a holistic educational program, which entitles all students to tuition, 2 meals and water per day, uniforms and school supplies, support of a child’s spiritual wellbeing and health care. As part of your commitment, sponsors pay for supplies to start the year off. Extracurricular activities for the student include dance, debating, chess, music and sport. Our students are even encouraged to give back to their community through volunteering. 

Beyond primary school, our sponsored children attend a variety of secondary schools. Secondary and Tertiary Sponsorships differ depending on the chosen partnering school/institution. African Hearts look at an individual according to their strengths and skills when determining a secondary school/institution. For example, we have children (former street boys actually) attending the top secondary schools because they are so academic and have done so well in P7 and wish to go to university and become surgeons and doctors.

Then we have identified some children who are not academically gifted and so we even offer sponsorships to support children who have commenced Vocational Training and Apprenticeships. It really depends on the child. We are unique in this way as we firmly believe that not all children fit in the same box and therefore, we ask sponsors to support their child accordingly.

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If you wish to volunteer for any work with African Hearts please contact our International Relations Director, Ainsley Winten, for more information.

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