In Uganda more than half of the population is under the age of 18. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 children living on the street. They are among the world’s most vulnerable children.

African Hearts Community Organisation (African Hearts) is a Christian, non-governmental organisation (NGO) operating in Uganda, East Africa. A grassroots charity, African Hearts was established in 2001 to help address the growing numbers of children and youth living on the streets of Kampala. Forced here by the death of parents, family abandonment, violence or hardship at home, street life leaves children exposed to exploitation, abuse and extreme poverty.

It is commonly held that life for street children is dirty, violent and short. Hungry, abused and alone, they quickly become addicted to drugs in order to deal with their suffering, and become conscripted into gangs who make them criminals for as little as a dollar a day.

African Hearts currently run many projects to assist the existing number of street children and by offering education, which we believe is the key to lifting Ugandans out of poverty, we aim to raise the next generation of leaders.

AH Slum Outreach.jpeg


Executive Director

Lutaaya Abdul, a Ugandan national. Abby, (as he is known to some) is a qualified social worker and is sympathetic to the hardship of living on the streets. After graduating school and sponsored through University, Abby dedicated his focus and followed his heart to help children who were vulnerable and in need. With one donated trumpet, he began the process of reaching out to youths and offering rehabilitation through music. African Hearts has grown from that vision into all the projects that are operational today.


Finance Director

His role includes managing the organisation's operational finance and overseeing our office. Junior is a dedicated leader who knows personally, how it is to grow up without family. He pours his heart into his service for African Hearts and the children that we support. He has been faithful in giving his life to the vision and cause of vulnerable children.


Public Relations & Programs Director

His role includes family/community empowerment within the African Hearts projects and coordinating visiting teams.  As one of the original leaders in African Hearts, George lends an experienced and knowledgeable perspective in all he does. His commitment and loyalty to our mission statement is obvious to all who have had the privilege in meeting him.


Administration & Sponsorship Director

Sarah has a Diploma in Education and Bachelor of social work and social administration, along with PGD in M & E. For the last 2 years she has been working for African Hearts as HR/Administrator and Sponsorship. Sarah has a passion in working with children and loves the Lord.


International Relations Director

My first trip to Uganda was in April 2011 and it changed my life. When I walked through the Kisenyi slum in Kampala, (the capital city), I felt the desperation, loneliness and poverty of the street boys and it broke my heart. No child should live like this! I became the Australian Co-ordinator for African Hearts in 2012 after supporting the slum outreach for over a year and now raise funds and awareness in support of all their worthy projects. It is my honour to serve this wonderful organisation in all their work to help them achieve the best future for Ugandan people.


Canadian Co-Ordinator

I’ve always had a passion and big heart for helping others. I am a police officer with 15 years’ experience in Ottawa, Canada. I attended Uganda for 6 weeks in July of 2018 as part of a mission with The D. Gary Young Young Living Foundation. I visited the Kisenyi Slum and volunteered with the African Hearts Slum Outreach Program serving food, meeting the kids from the slums and spending time also, at the Transitional Home. I have seen a lot of things in my day to day work but never have I ever felt that level of desperation, sadness and need like in the slums. Later, I attended the African Hearts Transitional Home and met some of the rescued boys and that changed me forever. The love, admiration and respect for the kids, employees and founders are indefinite. Their stories, smiles and will to live for a better life was enough for me to jump on board and want to make a bigger difference!